We The People

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Group from New Bedford that was active at least in 1966.


  • Manny Fagundes (g)
  • Jerry Shervo / Jarry Shervo (b)
  • Bruce Entwistle (voc) (org)
  • John LaBrode (g)
  • Alan Levin (dr)


  • Always Lies / I'll Get You Yet (Seventeen) (263,264) (1966)


  • Great feature on Basement Walls.
  • Managed by Don Perry from Fall River.
  • Manny Fagundes also played with the Stonemen.
  • While Basement Walls states that Shervo was called "Jarry", his yearbook gives the name "Jerry".
  • "Peter Weeple" was Shervo's pseudonym.
  • Recorded in NYC.
  • John LaBrode died in 2010.
  • Bruce Entwistle died in 2015.
  • Alan Levin died in 2017.


John LaBrode, 1966
Jerry Shervo, 1968