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Group from Acton/ Maynard that was active in 1965 and 1966.


  • Butch Lester (d) (v)
  • Charlie Centauro (g)
  • Joe Centauro (g)
  • Danny Lattucha/Lattuca (o)
  • Jeff Carlton


  • Original songs: "Mood Seven", "I Want To Take You Home", "Summer's Gone", all by Butch Lester.


  • BotB Burlington, 1965, ranked 1st.
  • BotB Burlington, April 23, 1966, ranked 1st.
  • BotB Abington, October 7, 1966. Ranked 2nd.
  • State Finals, Massachusetts Jaycees Battle of the Bands, May 13, 1967 at Ridge Arena Braintree.


  • Played with Batman at Muscular Dystrophy Benefit Basketball Game, Maynard High School, October 29, 1966.
  • Played w/ LEFT BANKE, April 1967.
  • Toured the Cape, played the Surf, "Where It's At" (Boston).