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Group from Unionville, CT that was active from at least 1966 to later 1967.


  • Bob
  • Rick
  • Jeff
  • Maris / Harold Perino
  • Dick


  • LP on Ashwood House
Volume One (AH-11050) (1965)
Hang On Sloopy Didi-Wa-Didi
I Should Have Known You're A Better Man Than I
Maybe It's Both Of Us Unchained Melody
Don't Make Me Over Be My Baby
My Prayer Our Day Will Come
Can't Explain Good Night My Love
  • Maybe It's Both Of Us / Don't Make Me Over (Contrapoint) (9010) (1966)


  • Played Psychedelic Supermarket, May 1968.


  • The Contrapoint label was based in NY.
  • Managed by Will Kavanna.
  • Produced by Clay Pitts, owner of Counterpoint / Contrapoint.