Little John & The Sherwoods

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Group from Lowell that existed from 1964 to 1967.


  • John Harrington (g) (voc)
  • David Arsenault (dr)
  • Barry Blufer (b) (voc)
  • Bob Star (voc)
  • Bob Rock (g)
  • Ed O'Neill (g) (voc) replaced Bob Rock later


  • Long Hair / Rag Bag (Fleetwood) (1001) (December 1965)


  • They were the house band at The Commodore Ballroom for a certain time.
  • Their manager was also the owner of the Commodore, Carl Braun.
  • Before being drafted, David had his hair cut and given away on stage at the Commodore Ballroom.
  • The songs were group efforts.
  • Bob Star passed away in the 1980s.


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