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The Foxboro Teen Scene

Battle Of The Bands, June 23, 1965

Ad from 1965

Battle Of The Bands, February 26, 1966

Battle Of The Bands, December 3, 1966

Clipping from November 1966

Two battles, the first two winners of each would go to finals on February 25, 1967. Winners were:

Battle Of The Bands, January 14 & 21, 1967

Clipping from January 1967.

On each of the two dates, eight groups would be competing. The two winners (four, on two weekends) to move on to the finals in February 1967 (Plus the four winners from December 1967 battle).

Battle Of The Bands, February 25, 1967

Finals. Winner to enter the Southern District semi-finals.

Clipping from 1967

Battle Of The Bands, Regional Finals, Lakeview Ballroom, April 15, 1967

24 groups, prizes of $100, $50 and. $25. Top three groups to go to State Finals, May 13, 1967, in Braintree. Other sources say that only 22 groups competed.

Foxboro BotB 1967
Foxboro BotB 1967, groups line-up