Fifth Generation

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Group from Westfield that existed at least from 1965 to 1968.


  • Bill Gumlaw
  • Dana Bien (dr)
  • Gene D'Amico (dr)
  • Arnie Gay (g)
  • Greg Grimm (org)
  • Wade Smigelski (b)
  • Stan Wawrowski (g)
  • Joey Coach (dr)

(and more that came and went)


  • If I See Her / You Lied To Me (Fone-Booth) (Fb-1001) (January 1968)



  • Record produced by Dick Booth (and probably the label is a play on words on his name.)
  • Was billed as "Fifth Generations" later.
  • Won "Mountain Park Battle of the Bands" in Holyoke.
  • Appeared on the Brad Davis TV Show.
  • Opened for the Cowsills, Gene Pitney and Lulu.
  • Won studio time to record their single.
  • Two unreleased tracks (In The Midnight Hour and You Keep Me Hangin' On) exist (hear them on Basement Walls)
  • Joey Coach, Greg Grimm and Arnie Gay have passed.
  • Feature on Basement Walls.