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Group from Springfield that was active at least from 1965 to 1968.


  • Michael Malone (v)
  • Eugene Malone (dr)
  • Ralph Galarneau (v)
  • Danny Athas (v)
  • Lyle Feinstein
  • Andre Williams
  • Paul Bousquet
  • Richard Malone
  • Robert Malone


  • Oriental Goddess / We Are Strangers (Fun) (1091 / 1092) (1966)
  • Everybody Has Somebody / Please Come Back (Tiptone) (333) (?)



  • Had four "white" and four "black" members.
  • Also known as "Bostels On The Rocks".
  • Opened For Three Dog Night, Wilson Pickett and Vanilla Fudge.
  • From the daughter of Paul Bousquet: "The band didn't recover from Vietnam. Two guys didn't come back, one was missing an arm and my dad had Agent Orange sickness and PTSD."