Boss Todes

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Group from Acton that was active at least from 1964 to 1967.


  • Eric Semple (g)
  • Charlie Weeks (b)
  • Dick Ford (v)
  • Ron Walunas (g)
  • Brian Imhoff (d)


Have Certainty / Sally The Pollywog (Sound City) (4580) (1967)


  • Dick's brother Jim played in the Mauve.
  • When the Mauve ended in 1966, Eric and Charlie joined the Boss Todes.
  • Formed in 1964. Imhoff and Walunas are original members.
  • Cut at least two acetates.
  • Played BACK Benefit Dance, April 19, 1966. Raised 700$.
  • Shortened their monicker to the Todes later.


Todes Truck, 1965
Trouble in 1965
Clipping from 1967
Clipping from July 1967