Ascots (2)

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Group from Natick that was active at least in 1966.


  • Dave George
  • Paul Anthony
  • Larry Templeton
  • Bobby Hadden
  • Steve Evers (b)?


Where I'm Goin' / Crash Dive on Normandy (NO 104) (August 1966).


  • They had a "coloured singer".
  • There is conflicting information about this band online. People claim they were only four members, but the band picture printed in the 1966 MA BotB program clearly shows a five-piece.
  • TBM lists them as a NY group, which is obviously not true.
  • The topside of their record was a cover of a song released by Jose Feliciano the prior year.


A group shot taken from the 1966 Weymouth Battle program.
Ad from 1966
Their lone and great record.