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Group from Avon (?) that was active at least from 1965 to 1967.


  • Paul McDonald (g) (v)
  • Doug Yule (o)
  • Rusty Marcus (v) (b)
  • Bill Linnane
  • Bob Gardner (d)
  • Bill Colby


  • The group recorded a fantastic acetate at Ace Recording with Barry Tashian: "Ten Feet Tall", probably in late 1965. The Boston Globe announced that on Feb. 06, 1966.
  • Supposedly had a fan club of 3000 members at the beginning of 1966.
  • Mike Revan from Tallysmen replaced Marcus in spring 1967.
  • Linnane came from the Rockin' Ramrods in 1966.
  • Colby later joined Jay & The Americans.
  • Original tune "Gloria" (1967).


  • Philips Exeter Academy, Feb. 19 1966.
  • Millis, Feb. 24, 1966.


MA Argonauts 1967.png
MA Argo 1967.png
MA Argo 1966.png
Ad for a show in 1966 with The Kingsmen, Four Musketeers, Shadows Four, Buggs, Atarras
MA Argo 02.png
Barry Tashian of the Remains produced this song that only survives on acetate